MT Outdoor Podcast: How to Find the Right Boat for You! Perhaps a Warrior Might be the One?
By angelamontana

Posted: March 23, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale starts our annual series on “How to Find the Right Boat for You!”. Last year this series was a huge hit and if this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast is any indication it looks like this year’s series is going to be even better! Downrigger kicked off the first instalment of the series with Kent Andersen of Warrior Boats. Warrior is a boat manufacturer located 97 miles northwest of Minneapolis in Melrose, Minnesota. Warrior makes some of the finest fishing boats in the world which is probably why you see many of the fishing guides on Fort Peck Reservoir and other areas using them. Of course, Kent talked a lot about why you may want to consider buying a Warrior if you are thinking about getting a new boat this year, but he also gave some fantastic advice on what to consider in general when trying to decide which boat is best for you. If you are even remotely considering a new boat purchase, you FOR SURE need to click here and listen to this podcast and all the other podcasts in the series that Downrigger will have for you in the coming weeks. After all, buying a new fishing boat is a major purchase so you want to make sure you learn about all the boats out there but more importantly you really want to make sure you Find the Right Boat for You! When you click here and listen to this week’s podcast you will learn all about Warrior Boats and all the models they are offering this year, and boy to they have some cool new boats, but as I said Kent really gave some great advice about what to ask yourself to help you zero in on what kind of boat is right for you!

To learn more about Warrior Boats and to see all the boats they have to offer this year just click here. If you have any questions for Downrigger’s guest Kent Andersen of Warrior Boats, be sure and click here to email him. If you would like to go see what Warrior Boats are in stock near you or you would like to talk more about Warrior Boats with a local dealer there are two dealers in Montana, click here to check out the Warriors at Mon-Dak Marine in Glasgow or simply click here to reach Wallace Marine in Great Falls. As always, your host Downrigger Dale would love to hear what you thought of this podcast or any of your ideas for future podcasts, just click here to email Downrigger.

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