SIT ON IT!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 2, 2024

Fishing and hunting often require great patience. There can be a long time between seeing antlers or a few bites. Comfort during these sessions is important. The comfortable sport is more alert and ready to pull the trigger or set the hook. 

Icemen sit on just about anything. I have seen stumps, buckets, ice chunks, and even old lazy boy chairs dragged onto the ice. One of my early Hot Seats was a metal milk crate attached to a Flexible Flyer sled. A paint can full of charcoal briquets, kept my butt and hand warm. I could also heat my lunch over the portable heated seat. 

I normally sit on a bucket or an ice fishing sled. The sled is higher than a bucket. After a few bouts with some back surgeries, sitting has become more of a concern. Sure, adding another piece of gear to my already full sled is a concern. 

If you are comfortable, you can fish longer and not get sore. Ice fishing has become part of my Physical Therapy routine. Sitting and standing have become more difficult. I found that if the seat is higher than a 90-degree angle, it’s easier to stand.

A folding chair has become the solution. In the past I would make fun of Icemen hauling huge folding chairs onto the ice. Now I get it. You don’t need a Lazy Boy, but a proper chair will help survive the day and limit being sore. 

So, what makes for a Proper Iceman Chair?

Comfort   The hair needs to fit your size. It must be strong and durable. Plastic seats break. 

Weight    Flattening a cheapo stool can get you hurt. Make sure that your seat is secure and rated for your butt size. 

Height/backrest   the backrest is wonderful and keeps you from looking like a Quasimodo. 20 plus inch seat height is over a 90-degree angle for most Icemen. 

No armrests or drink holders    Armrests get in the way. Beer makes you get colder. I do have a drink/gear /bait can/cup on my sled.  

Triangle seat    the triangle seat allows you to get up quickly, without needing to push off an armrest. It also prevents your circulation from getting restricted. 

Collapsible   Compact is important. It needs to fit on an already full sled or wheeler. Bugy cords help secure it on top. They often come with a bag and strap to sling over your shoulder. 

Luck   My friend Josh needed his “Lucky Chair” to be ice happy. His nickname is “Biggie” so the larger folding chair was a must. The drink holder held his chew and worm cup. 

My choice came down to the Eskimo folding XL model 27613 chair. This sturdy seat comes in a carry sack, holds over 250 lbs., has a seat height of 20 ½ inches and a back height of 34 inches. It’s made for big boys.  The chair comes in red and plaid. I tried out Handy Randy’s Red   Eskimo chair first. Quick in and out with a nice lean back, supportive, sit. The Iceman chair weighs just 8 lbs. and will secure on top of my sled with a bungy. 

Best of all, my back will be more comfortable so I can fish faster and longer!

Please be Seated comfortably!

Montana Grant

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