YOUR LAST MEAL? by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 27, 2024

What would your last meal be? 

Recently, a dinosaur fossil of a Gorgosaurus dinosaur was unearthed in Alberta, Canada. This T-Rex related critter was only a teen at 5-7 years old. In its stomach was evidence of its final feast, 75 million years ago. It had consumed 2 emu type prehistoric birds, that weighed 25-30 lbs. each. Only the legs were in the stomach, so either the dinosaur shared its meal or just liked drumsticks. Soon after its last meal, the Earth’s apocalypse occurred.

Christians washed feet, drank wine, and had a party before the Earthly end of Jesus. The famous picture and story in the Bible tell the story. This reverent meal was shared with friends and believers. 

In the movie Soylent Green, with Charleton Heston and Edward G Robinson, Ed’s character chose a steak with all the trimmings before watching his final film of Earth’s extinct wildlife and beautiful places. The Earth was experiencing Global Warming, pollution, overpopulation, corrupt government, and food and fuel shortages. Sound familiar? 

 Usually, most humans are too sick to pick a final meal. A saline drip, morphine, and oxygen are all they get unless death happens without warning. If you wanted to become a Vegetarian, maybe you could enjoy a final feast of meat before changing. 

Before a battle, soldiers knew the end was near when a big breakfast or dinner was served. On D-Day many paratroopers lost their last meals of eggs, bacon, and al the breakfast sides as they jumped into France. My Dad was a B-17 Bombardier in the Army Air Corps. A big dinner and breakfast meant a deadly mission was coming. Many warring cultures feasted before an upcoming battle or life-threatening challenge. Their future campaign would be Spartan at best. 

Sadly, most people that get to make this choice are on Death Row. If they fail to choose, they get the standard prison fare. John Wayne Gacy chose a deep-fried bonanza platter. I guess “Finger Food” was not on his menu. Most final meals are modest and as varied as the people that ordered them. Booze was also usually involved. 

Hunting and fishing camps prepare grand meals before heading out. I was usually too excited to eat much but would take a big lunch and snacks for the day. A feast after a successful hunt or day on the river would be better. Certain cuts of meat would go to certain hunters or fishermen. Parts of the kill that would spoil the fastest were eaten first. 

What if you had a choice? Most folks would go BIG! In the movie Logan’s Run, people were only allowed to live so many years, to control population size. They had a final feast before going on the Carousel Death Machine. Logan still had an appetite, so he ran away. 

I am sure meat would be involved in many peoples choices. Who cares if the menu was not healthy. Fast Food would be inviting but most of us would prefer a LONGER Last Meal. Booze would certainly be involved. A full buffet would be nice, so you go back for seconds. Certainly, desserts would be included. Seafood is delicious and a fish fry would be tasty. 

For me, where my last Meal would be eaten is more important. A spot overlooking a favorite fishing or hunting spot would be nice. Someplace beautiful and quiet. Some friendly company would be nice. 

Hopefully we all never need to make a Final Feasting Decision. Instead, I wish everyone many more days with family, friends, fish, wild game, and healthy menu choices.

Long Life to all!

Montana Grant


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