Brett French reports: Yellowstone bison hunts quiet compared to last year
By angelamontana

Posted: April 4, 2024

State and tribal bison hunters took 25 bison that migrated out of Yellowstone National Park this winter, according to the park’s latest report. That’s down considerably after last winter, when more than 1,500 bison were shot, mostly by tribal hunters. Part of the reason for the lower harvest is a milder winter. Last winter’s cold and heavy snow resulted in a large migration of bison northward, into the Gardiner Basin. Following last year’s heavy hunt, there were also fewer bison in the park, so there was less pressure on food resources compared to last winter. In an unusual shift, more bison were killed on the west side this winter – 19, compared to six on the north side. Of these kills, state hunters recorded the majority – 13 on the west side and two to the north. The bison can only be shot in tolerance zones outside of the park. No hunting is allowed inside Yellowstone. Going into the winter, the park’s bison population was estimated at about 4,800 animals. The size of the herd has been a bone of contention between the Park Service and the state of Montana. The Park Service will release its proposed bison management plan this summer. To read more, check out my story at

Written by Brett French | Outdoors Editor | Billings Gazette Communications
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