Cheating Walleye Fishermen Featured on Show Called True Crime: Smugshot
By angelamontana

Posted: April 9, 2024

Remember the two anglers who were caught cheating at a Lake Erie fishing tournament?

Fishermen plead guilty to charges in tournament cheating scandal

Yep, those guys.  We won’t even bother to mention their names in this article, even though they were mentioned in previous articles on

Such actions not only undermine the integrity of the sport but also tarnish the spirit of fair competition that ethical anglers genuinely care about. Adding insult to injury, these individuals have now found themselves in the spotlight once again as stars of a documentary-style TV show called “Smugshot.”  You can find the documentary on Sundance Now through Amazon Prime with a 7-day free trial for the channel.

It is interesting to watch and learn new things about these guys from other tournament anglers’ perspectives after all this time, and the show definitely doesn’t make you like the duo at all.

Honesty and sportsmanship should always reign supreme, both on and off the water.

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