MT Outdoor Podcast: The Wizard of the Waterways is Back with 2024 Boat Tech!
By angelamontana

Posted: April 20, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks to none other than the Wizard of the Waterways, Matt Cowen, from Mon-Dak Marine. This time the Wizard is back with all new Tech for your boat. There is so much incredibly cool electronics out right now you just HAVE to click here and listen to this Podcast! Matt covers so many fascinating ideas for boat electronics it will blow your mind. For example, have you ever struggled to follow a set contour on the bottom of the lake while watching your rods, downriggers, and everything else? What if your boat could do all that for you? Yeah, that’s right you tell your boat to follow a certain contour and it just does it by itself all the while raising and lowering your downriggers all on its own as well, oh and the whole time showing you right where the fish are! And that is just one type of scenario that Matt talks about. He also talks about the new types of batteries that will keep all that tech working and doing so weighing less and working better than you can ever dream of! How much does all that cost? Matt even covers that too. But what about figuring out how to work all this new technology? Yeah, he can help you find all the sonar, fish finding, imaging gear you can dream of and show you how to work it all like a pro! Yup he talks about an incredible service he offers that will train you on all that as well. Matt even covers how to plan a technology layout in your boat so you can add technology as your budget allows and as new tech comes out! Here is the best part, all this cool stuff can truly make you a better fisherman and enjoy fishing more than you ever have! Click here NOW to listen and learn about all the new technology that is available right now. As Downrigger Dale put it, “after talking to Matt Cowen about all this new technology I am more excited about this season than I ever have been before!”.

To learn more about Matt Cowen and Mon-Dak Marine, click here. If you would like to learn more about the on-the-water training that Matt offers, just click here. To learn more about electric trolling motors, fish finders and lots of other tech for your boat, click here. You probably will have questions for Matt after you listen to this podcast so just click here to send him an email. Of course, your old buddy Downrigger would love to hear from you as well! Click here to email Downrigger Dale.

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