OFF TARGET!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 6, 2024

Montana’s enjoy our wonderful outdoors. There is a wonderful adventure around every bend and over every ridge. Our parks, public lands, and wildlife areas are special.

 Thanks to Hunters and fishermen, these areas are paid for in full and shared by all Montanans. The taxes and license fees have paid for the special access that we all get to enjoy. Hunting season is relatively short, and the wildlands offer access for all other outdoor recreation year around. The same is true for fishermen.

Recently, the law is now requiring all folks to purchase a Conservation Stamp to manage and maintain our Fishing Access sites and other public lands. Now everyone that legally uses and enjoys our wild places, and access sites, has part ownership. This will now help to pay for repairs, Vault toilet care, fencing, signage, etc. Prior to this new requirement, hunters and fishermen paid for everything. 

One sure fired way to ruin our public outdoor places is through vandalism and abuse. Sadly, not everyone appreciates our wild places and facilities. Trash is left, vault toilets are damaged and graffitied, fences are cut and torn down, signs are stolen and shot up. This behavior gives all hunters, fishermen, and outdoor recreationists a bad name. 

We all own our Public Places. Treat them as you would your own backyard. Abusing and damaging these places is just stupid and ignorant. 

As a lifelong Scouter, I learned to” always leave a campsite better than you found it”. This meant no trash, scarred trees, and shrubs, a clen fire pit with no foil, bottles, and cans in it. We always left a courtesy wood pile for the next campers. 

We all work hard to live. Our outdoor time is when we recharge and gain back our strength. Nature has a way of healing us and strengthening our souls. We do not need to be cleaning up after others that disrespect wild places.

 Set the example. 

Montana Grant

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