Tagging Information for anglers out on Friday via CSKT
By angelamontana

Posted: April 10, 2024

Many of you are aware that CSKT has been tagging lake trout for several years and FWP has also done some tagging on the north end of the lake. Biologists tag lake trout to get information on growth and to generate population estimates. We have in the past asked anglers to participate in the tagging program by keeping viable fish in live wells or coolers (keep water oxygenated by pouring in fresh water)  and calling in to report you have fish on board to be tagged. A boat will come out to your location and you transfer your fish to be tagged to the tagging staff. You will be given credit for these fish-daily total, bonus total, and you will be entered into a special drawing-2-$250 AND 5-$100 drawings from the tagged fish totals-only the fish deemed to survive-if the fish are not looking like they will survive they will not be tagged but the count for total and bonus still counts–they will select only the strongest fish. If they question whether a tagged fish will survive, they remove it rather than release it.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks will be tagging this Friday April 12th. . If you are interested in participating please let me know by sending me your name and telephone number, what days this weekend you expect to be out, and I will pass the information on to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks staff who will contact you.

Thank you everyone!

Cynthia Bras-Benson

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