MONTANA RUB!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: May 20, 2024

Big Sky Country has its own flavors. The sage from the plains, the sear on fresh beef, and the texture and richness of wild game make for a tasty meal. There are plenty of commercial spices available, but Big Sky Chefs enjoy adding their own flair to their spice blends. 

If I had to have just one spice blend, it would be Old Bay Seasoning. Montreal Steak seasoning is not only good on meat, its delicious on vegetables as well. Cavender’s is a Greek blend that also tastes great on anything. 

Your signature spice blend can highlight and compliment your Big Sky meals. Making a fresh spice blend allows you to eliminate any MSG, hydrolyzed corn soy protein, or other chemicals that promote shelf life or clumping. 

You want to make the amount of spice that you will use in 3-6 months. Surplus spice blends can be shared with family and friends. Use spices that are newly opened. Store in a glass, tightly sealed jar. Having a shaker lid is convenient.

Here is the Montana Grant Signature spice blend that I use for most of my cooking at home and in the afield. You can mix up your own flavors using my ideas to create your own special blend. Use coarse spices to add texture. Crunchy spices are better when adding a Rub. Allow at least a few hours, or overnight, for your Rub to work its magic.  If you prefer nothing fancy, just apply salt and pepper liberally. 

You can find similar spice blends, but it is fun Kicking your flavors up a notch! 

1/3 cup of Kosher Salt. Sea salt is also a good choice. 

¼ cup of coarse Black Pepper. White Pepper makes for a lighter look and can be mixed into half of the Black Pepper.

¼ cup of Dry Ground Mustard. This spice is a starch that adds body and a savory flavor.

¼ cup of quality Smoked Paprika. Paprika mimics Old Bay and many other spice blends. The smokey flavor is aromatic and tasty.

2 tbsp. of granulated Garlic. If you use Garlic Powder, reduce it by half.

1 Tbsp of Celery Salt. This flavor goes well with most grilled treats. 

2 tsp. of Sage. This spice works well with poultry and other meat. It is typical of Big Sky Country. Bay leaves can also be used in place, 

1 tsp. of Onion Powder

½ tsp of Nutmeg, Cinamon, and Ginger. These make my blend unique and more aromatic. 

¼ tsp of Allspice. This is an optional add in but makes for a fragrant spice. 

If you plan to use the spice blend for a Rub, add a spray or coating of Olive Oil first. This will help the spices to affix to the food. Try using infused olive oils for different things. I prefer to use Blood Orange olive oil on all my fish and seafood. This flavor really brings a nice taste to fresh filets or any seafood. The oil will complement the spice blend. Lemon juice is also a nice addition to any seafood recipe. 

Everyone has their own tastes. If you prefer a more Cajun or Creole flavor, increase your blend with more Cayenne, Chili powder or Cumin. Coriander, basil, and oregano are also in many of these southeast flavors. 

If you grill and cook on high heat, avoid adding sugar to the blend. Sugar burns easily and will impart the wrong flavor. If you do feel a need for a sweeter spice, consider Brown Sugar and turn the heat down a bit. The Brown Sugar blend works nicely for steamed fish and veggies. 2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar will do the trick. 

Spice things up with your own flavorful mix!

Montana Grant

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