SWAT GEAR!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: May 26, 2024

Swatting mosquitos is an awful way to spend time outdoors. The transitions in weather can be the worst. In the Montana high country, “squitos” emerge as the snow melts. Despite their relatively short lifespan, the females are on the hunt for mammal blood. That means critters and people. 

Everyone attracts mosquitos differently. Female mosquitos ae attracted to CO2 gas, which mammals exhale. Some people are just tastier to the blood sucking squitos. This is due to blood type, and other bio factors. Clothing colors can invite or discourage squito attacks. People also use a variety of plants to discourage Mosquito invasions around their porches, decks, and yards. 

Different plants work differently for different people. Here are some suggestions. 

Citronella    Most common repellant. Easy to grow and maintain. There is a Citronella Geranium that is effective and attractive. 

American Beauty Berry    This is a folk remedy. Ticks hate this plant too. Crush leaves and rub onto skin, pets, pant cuffs, and hats. This plant is also available in some sprays. 

Garlic keeps away squitos and Vampires. Eating a lot of garlic allows the scent to come out of your skin and deters squitos. 

Marigolds   Great to plant around the perimeter of gardens and decks. Attractive flowers as well. 

Lavendar    Scents that humans like are often what mosquitoes hate. Lavendar oil is a nice application on clothing. It also keeps away moths and flies. 

Basil    Plant this herb around gardens and decks. 3 ½ oz. of fresh basil leaves/1/2 cup of boiling water/ ½ cup of Vodka makes a reasonable spray that you can spray around your areas. 

Lemon Balm   Contains Citronella. Grows fast and does well in pots. 

Catnip   Mosquitoes hate it! Essential Catnip oil is stronger than Deet. 

Peppermint    This pleasant-smelling plant is not enjoyed by mosquitoes. 

Best Plant Repellant. Maybe some of the plants listed work best for your squito repellant. One plant that seems to work well for many people is Rosemary! Simply rub the leaves into your skin or on hats, cuffs, and clothes. Cats also do not like Rosemary. I planted it around my veggie garden to keep the neighbor’s cat at bay. 

Manage your space. It is also important to inspect your habitat for where mosquitos live and breed. Look for standing water and marshy areas. This is where you would use insecticides. Place several deterrent options around your living space. The insects will need to pass through more than one barrier. 

The one best way to deal with Mosquitos is a Thermocell. This belt carry, or deck lantern, uses propane to heat a pad that contains chemicals to discourage squitos from getting close. It works best out of the wind and in stationary positions. 

I have hunted sika deer in the swamps of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Mosquitoes are thick in these marshes. We sat in tree stands and could hear and see clouds of squitos. The Thermocell kept them at bay. 

Squitos Be Gone!!!

Montana Grant

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