By angelamontana

Posted: May 25, 2024

Every fisherman has heard this line. The only line worst was the bite really started when you left. They call it “Fishing”, but we do want to “Catch” some fish. The glory and beauty of a watershed is wonderful for only so long. A few finned companions coming into the net fills the trip out. 

There are things to consider when picking a day to fish. Just because you are off, does not mean that the bite will be on. If you are planning to hire a guide or take the fishing trip of a lifetime, weather will play a role in when and how you fish.

Here are the things to consider when planning a trip, to really Catch fish. 

BAROMETRIC PRESSURE    BP is the physical rising and falling pressure that the atmosphere has on the Earth and water. Humans feel this change on their joints and old wounds. A stable BP is best. Fish also feed more during a falling BP.

LIGHT “Silver in the clouds and gold in the Sun.” Too much flash can scare off a bite. You want to get the attention of the fish, not scare them. Fish see Black and White, not colors. Also know where your shadow is. Areas with shade are better for fishing on sunny days.

FLOWS     High and low water flows impact the bite. If the flow is from storms or snowmelt, the water temp will also be impacted. A stable mid-range flow is best. 

WATER TEMPERATURE     Every fish species has a preferred comfort zone. Too hot means less oxygen in the water and more lethargic fish. Too cold means less feeding. Temperature will also determine where the fish are in the water column or stream. 

WATER CLARITY     Clear water can be harder to fish. This requires finer tippets and lines. A perfect presentation is required. 

MENU    Understand what the fish are eating. Identify hatches and their times. Knowing when to fish, with what, the size, etc. will result in catching fish. 

FISH WHERE THE FISH ARE     Sounds simple, but fish are in different places during the seasons and days. Find the fish before you take a cast.

At the end of the day, good and bad LUCK may come into play. Some days we are just not in the right mindset. Our knots are poor, casts are off, and our skills are not up to par. 

Great Fishing is Great Fun, but there is always a Catch!

Montana Grant

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