BULLETPROOF!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 26, 2024

We were all once Bulletproof. No mountain was too high, no current was too strong, and our fearless nature took us outdoors safely. 

Youth and health are often taken for granted. When we think back on the physical demands that we put our minds and bodies through, nothing seemed impossible. Playing sports, stupid activities, accidents, and adventuring with little gear or common sense, and we survived. 

Running, climbing, jumping, skiing, parachuting, swimming, and much more. I remember carrying a white-tailed buck on my back for miles. For years, I was always the guy that rescued and helped everyone else. Our bodies don’t get a 100,000-mile warranty. At some point we will need a tune up. 

This lasted until I turned 67 years young, then my bulletproof protection was gone. I have been spending my past summers recovering from back surgery and a torn hamstring. These injuries were uninvited and just happened. There is no great story or war story to brag about. The back, and hamstring, just got old and worn out. 3 surgeries later, I am on the mend. 

I dream about great adventures. In my dreams I am running and doing simple physical things that I wish I could do again. We all get old and things break or wear out. The hand of nature puts an end, or maybe just a slowdown, to our fun. 

Modern medicine helps us live longer and healthier lives. Not so long ago, “old” meant 40-50’s. Alexander the great was 32 when he died. Many of our legendary heroes were young men by today’s standards. We can exercise, diet, and train properly. Our bodies can be tuned and perfected until they are not. 

Montana has some great health care for a population that routinely has adventure accidents. Baby Boomers are at the age when more Orthopedics and Rehab clinics are being opened. Every Montanan has a story to tell. 

With my current hamstring challenge, this will make the 3rd wound in 3 years. They say that” bad luck comes in threes”. I hope that this is true. In the meantime, Montana Grant will be waddling around on crutches this summer. 

I have a trip to Alaska planned for my son “Kyleboy” and I, at the end of August. There is also an elk waiting for me in bow season. Pheasants also need to be hunted and fish need to be caught. Age will become your Kryptonite!

Hunt and fish hard, while you can!

Montana Grant

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