MT Outdoor Podcast: Don Wilkins Great Fisherman, Awesome Guide Teaches with Technology
By angelamontana

Posted: June 15, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast we continued our series about learning waterways and species of fish that are new to you by hiring a fishing guide. Your host Downrigger Dale sat down with fishing guide Don Wilkins of 56 Fishing Guide Service for an amazing discussion about learning fishing techniques with fishing technology and oh so much more. Don guides on Fort Peck Reservoir and though he is fairly new to guiding he is hardly new to fishing; he’s been doing it his whole life. When he moved to Glasgow and started to fish Fort Peck his reputation as an amazing fishermen grew very fast. Rigger got to know Don through the Captain of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show. It seemed like every time Rigger and the Captain would see Don out on the water he was reeling in a huge Salmon, Lake Trout or Walleye. In fact, Don was the first person that Rigger had met that could catch the big salmon through the ice on Fort Peck. Thus, it seemed that Don Wilkins and the profession of guiding were on a collision course with each other. When you click here to listen you will learn about what Don used to do in Glasgow before he became a guide. And of course, you will also learn about how Don uses his Garmin Livescope to help teach his clients jigging and other techniques. In fact, when you go to Don’s 56 Fishing Guide Service Facebook page check out the videos of Don using the Livescope. It really is amazing how it shows the jig and the fish approaching it and how his clients can see how the fish reacts to their technique. It really is an amazing teaching tool and with Don there to guide them it is a deadly combination for putting fish on the dinner table. When you click here and listen you will also hear Don go into detail about the gear, lures, bait and more that for he uses to catch the different species of fish in Fort Peck, and of course the techniques he uses to catch the King of the Fort Peck fish, the mighty King Salmon. WARNING: once you listen to all the things he tells Rigger about catching the incredible King Salmon you might just catch a nasty case of Black Jaw Fever! That is name for the addiction you will have once you catch on of those incredibly powerful fish. Just know that currently there is no cure for Black Jaw Fever. Don Wilkins can ease your symptoms by teaching you how to catch them but that just leaves you wanting more once the thrill wears off. Gang, DO NOT miss this Podcast!! You will learn a TON from Don not just about catching Kings but about catching other species as well. So, click here now to listen!

If you want to learn more about Don Wilkins click here to view the 56 Fishing Guide Service, LLC Facebook page. Be sure and check out the incredible pictures on the Facebook Page by clicking here and watch those Livescope videos by clicking here. You can also learn more about Don by clicking here. Don also works through Eddie and the Gang at Lakeridge Lodging and Bait Shop and Big Sky Fishing Charters so click those links. If you have questions for Don, click here to send him and email.  As always be sure and email your old buddy Downrigger Dale and let him know what you thought of this Podcast and what your ideas are for topics for future podcasts. Click here to email him!

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