MT Outdoor Podcast: FWP’s Nathan Jaksha and Downrigger Dale Talk Canyon Ferry Fish
By angelamontana

Posted: June 29, 2024

FWP Fisheries Biologist Nathan Jaksha Tells Us All About Canyon Ferry Reservoir and the Fish That Live There!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast FWP Fisheries Biologist Nathan Jaksha talks with your host Downrigger Dale about Canyon Ferry Reservoir and the fish that we all love to chase after in it. Nathan is new to the Montana FWP and Canyon Ferry Reservoir. What did steps did he take to learn all about the reservoir, and will he be making big changes to how the fish are managed there? How does he feel about how healthy the fish are in Canyon Ferry Reservoir? When Downrigger asked him why the Walleye in Canyon Ferry seem smaller than in other reservoirs what did Nathan say about that? Did he think the Walleye fishing regulations would help with that? Any changes ahead for the trout in the reservoir? When he takes off his FWP hat what are the fish he likes to target? Click here to listen to Nathan’s answers to those and many other questions on the Montana Outdoor Podcast. All and all Rigger and Nathan had a VERY detailed and fascinating conversation that you really should listen to. All you need to do is click here to listen, there is no doubt you are going to find Rigger and Nathan’s conversation extremely interesting. As Downrigger put it, “Nathan really knows his stuff and it was fascinating to find out how he set out to learn everything he possibly could about this great body of water. One thing that really surprised me was when I asked Nathan where Canyon Ferry ranked on the list of water bodies that see the most fishing pressure in Montana!”. Whether you have been fishing Canyon Ferry your whole life or have never fished it before we are positive that you will learn a lot when you click here to listen to this podcast!


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