FWP Paddlefish Update 6.20.24
By angelamontana

Posted: June 21, 2024

No chart for today, but only 6 fish were harvested on Tues-Wed. Total harvest is at 753. River conditions look to be quickly declining so projections for the weekend are that it could very likely be some slow fishing for anyone out there still trying to snag a fish this season.

Reminder – the cleaning station at Intake FAS is now closed for the season. FWP staff will also not be at Intake on a regular basis to check in fish for the remainder of the season. Fish will need to be reported by calling 1-877-FWP-WILD or406-444-0356 or online at mtfwp.mt.gov or at one of the self-reporting drop boxes at the mouth of the Powder River, the mouth of the Tongue River or Sidney Bridge FAS.

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