PROTECT YOUR PARK!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 5, 2024

Parking at trailheads and at access sites has become a hotspot for break ins. Sadly, losers and thieves’ prey on remote and vulnerable targets. 

Several years ago, I was guiding along the Yellowstone River. We put in at the 89 bridge and drifted to the Pig Farm takeout access. In a lifetime of guiding, hunting, and fishing, I have never had a break in or theft from a camp or ride until this day.

Sportsmen tend to be honest and thoughtful. We look out for one another. On this day, someone decided to break into my shuttled truck. The keys were in the gas cap. Like we had done for decades. A $20 bill was under the front mat. The shuttle driver did their job, so no money was in the truck. Apparently, the shuttle driver forgot to lock my truck doors. 

Anyway, the thief was probably looking for beer money. They went through the usual spots looking for change or money. In their search, they found my Kabar Marine fighting knife. It was given to me by a Marine friend and had a special sentiment written on the sheath. The knife was out of sight but caught their attention during the search. My truck was the only one at the access. 

How can we guard our rides when not around? 

Never leave anything in plain view.  Computers, purses, or other valuables attract attention. They are the bait for a break in. If the thieves do not see anything, they move onto the next vehicle. 

LOCK IT UP!    You would be amazed at how many people leave the doors or caps open. The good old days of leaving doors unlocked have passed. Hidden keys are also a bad choice. Newer rides have electronic or key pay/remote options. 

Park where other rides are.   A parking spot alone is more inviting. 

Post/set an alarm    Many rides come with this type of security system. 

Set up a hidden Trail Cam    This hunting tool can be discreetly placed to watch over your camper, ride, or … These are battery operated. They may not stop the break in, but you will at least know who did it. Position it for a clear view. 2 cams are better than one. If folks start deploying these cameras, word will get out. Thieves are cowards and do not want to take the risk of getting caught.

One of my buddies placed his Trail Camera discreetly inside his truck. The camera was in the back of the crew cab and could see all entering and walking by. When this broke into his truck, he recorded their faces, and even got images of their car and license plate. Both were arrested and his stolen stuff was returned. 

Modern Trail Cams have remote settings that report to your cell phones or computers. Getting caught is every crook’s worst nightmare. Technology can be the perfect way to secure your ride or camp.

Protect and prevent crime!

Montana Grant

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