WHEN IT PAYS OFF!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 25, 2024

Hunting and fishing are easy. Filling tags and limits is often hard. Just because you spend time afield or afloat does not guarantee that you will harvest anything. You certainly need to put in your time but only with patience, planning, and persistence will you gather some Bragging Rights. 

Doing your homework is important. Search for reliable reports that will help you learn the skills and locations that are needed. Gear and equipment tips are also helpful. The more you do ahead of the trip, the better. Otherwise, you will be on your own and blind. Make your own luck. 

Fishing treks were one of my specialties. The last trip to Alaska is a perfect example. I had never fished for salmon, halibut, or other Alaskan fish. The camp was outfitted with boats, gear, food, and camping. We had to fish on our own. So where, when, how, and …

I had a buddy that took us under his wing. He also referred me to another buddy that gave me great tips, gear, and ideas on how to be successful. Having help was vital for our success. Once at the camp, we headed out and fished waters, and places, I had never done. We were in the middle of nowhere. Following his advice, and using my homework research, the bite was on. We ended up with a boatload of fun, and fish. 3 of the Halibut were over 100 lbs. We came home with full boxes of fresh filets and plenty of great stories. 

On a hunting trip, we explored the idea of using a canoe to hunt deer. Our goal was to travel by water to a place rarely hunted or accessed by others. After some research, we found that there was a valley, with virgin timber, and open parks. Steep hills were on each side. Before hunting season, we paddled to the area and scouted it out. The sign and setup looked good. 

It was still dark when we launched the canoe. Our mile long paddle required a compass bearing, in the dark. Fortunately, the lake water was like glass. We made the crossing safely and traveled to our predetermined stands. By 9am, we were both back at the canoe with our bucks! We felt like Fred Bear.

 I love it when a plan comes together.

Montana Grant

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