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Grandpa and Grandson Win Perch Tourney

Matt McCombs and his grandson, Tanden, both won fi

Easy, delicious perch roe

Perch roe, anybody? Here’s a simple way to g

Perch bite still on at Flathead Lake

Ronda Anderson was with Sean Davis on her first pe

Flathead Lake is Producing Jumbo Perch

While fishing on Tuesday, Dan Smith and Dick Zimme

Perch Flies! (by Montana Grant)

Fly fishing extends way beyond trout. Even though

Perch Technique Drop Shot Slab Grabber

Trying to catch perch?  Here’s one way̷

CANCELLED: Broadwater Lions Perch Derby- Jan. 25-26, 2020

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: Sharon from Silos at Canyo

Blackened Perch Sandwich Recipe [VIDEO]

Have you caught some perch while out ice fishing,

Catch and Cook Perch on the Ice! [VIDEO]

Who says you have to wait till you get home to eat

Fort Peck producing walleyes

New Walleye and Perch Regulations Now in Effect on Holter Reservoir

Anglers are reminded of a regulation change that b

Perch Fishing on Nelson Reservoir

Taden Sundeem from Glasgow, whom is 7 years-old, w

FWP proposes regulation change for Holter yellow perch and walleye

At its Nov. 12 meeting, the Fish and Wildlife Comm

Flathead Lake Macks and Perch Bite is Happening

According to Scott “The Painter” Arnol


Perch are delicious to eat! They are one fish targ

19th Annual Lake Mary Ronana PERCH/SALMON Ice Fishing Derby


The Macman’s Perch Bite Report on Flathead Lake 4.11.18

It looks like the perch have finally begun to bite

Jumbo Idaho Perch!

Tracy Powers and Brandt Hamernick from Missoula ma

Lake Francis Perch Day Report 2/24/18

MORS Correspondent, Scott Arnold, has a report on

Cascade Lake Jumbo Perch!

Tracy Powers and Brandt Hamernick from Missoula fi

Tips On How to Catch Large Perch

Sean Davis from the Bitterroot sent this fishing r

Canyon Ferry Perch Derby Sets Record!

The Broadwater Lions Perch Derby at Canyon Ferry s

Holter Lake Perch Draw Hoards of Icefishermen

A perch population boom in Holter Lake has drawn t

Catch More Perch Through The Ice With a Dropper Rig [VID]

Use a Dropper Rig To Make Perch Bite Sometimes per

“World Record Perch” Post Ruffling Feathers

Here is a post you might see out there on Facebook

The 2018 Perch Assault Series Registration Open NOW!

2018 Perch Assault Series Welcome to “The Hottes