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Young Catfish Carter Catches of Course Catfish

This is Carter Harden, pictured above, with his ca

Catfish on Peterson Point

Did you know that the largest and most important c

Oven-Baked Cheesy Catfish Casserole

This recipe might make you want to catch catfish:

New Mississippi State Record Blue Catfish

It’s a record time of year! This time, we ar

Large Catfish Caught while Salmon Fishing

Scott Billingsley from Glasgow caught a 28″

Catfish and fishing reports with Catchin the Big Ones

Tune into Catchin the Big Ones with the Captain

Chicken + Kool-Aid = Catfish

If you’re after catfish, here’s super

Fox goes fishing for catfish [VIDEO]

This fox found an easy way to get the fish it want

A catfish during Hunters’ Breakfast? Yes, please!

Tune into Hunters’ Breakfast with the Captain

Catchin the Big Ones with a Catfish while social distancing…

Paradise Falls is scheduled to reopen on May 4th,

Large Catfish Hits Car

This isn’t something you see every day…

Try a Catfish during Hunters’ Breakfast!

Tune into Hunters’ Breakfast with the Captain

Wild catfish transfer boosts angler opportunity at Gartside Reservoir

Catfish have rarely been transferred to ponds thro

Colstrip angler’s 35.18-pound channel catfish new Montana record

Nice catch! Here is a cool story by Brett French t

Monster Flathead Catfish Catch Makes State Record!

Holy moly! Marvin Griffin, of Santa Rosa, snagged

Record Catfish Caught by “Occasional Angler”

According to StarTribune, A Minnesota state record

Catfish Hits Person

Have you ever been smacked by a catfish? Kind of?

North Carolina Teen Catches North Carolina and World Record Catfish

On June 11th, Landon Evans of North Carolina caugh

Easy, Cheesy Catfish Casserole

In honor of Downrigger Dale’s recent monster

Giant Heron Spears and Swallows Large Catfish Whole

Human Fishing is one thing, but watching an animal

What’s on the End of This Guy’s Line? Hint: it’s not a catfish!

A man from Louisiana was noodle fishing for catfis

Guy Lands Giant Catfish

You won’t find catfish like this around Mont

The 280-Pound Catfish [VIDEO]

You may have seen a picture of this monster 280-po

Montana Angler Catches Catfish Tagged Three Years Ago

Wade Bomar caught the pictured tagged catfish, wh

15th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic Final Results!

15th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic — Fin

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