Black Bear


Trophies mean different things to different sports


The bull elk was coming to the call. My buddy was


Montana is a place where death could be just aroun

5 Surprising Black Bear Facts

Just when you think you know a lot about black bea

Circus bears in the wild?

This is interesting.  Has anything similar to thi

Bear With Me For Bear Safety

Spring is on the horizon, officially estimated to

Living in bear country

When you’re not sure why you’re car do

Bear teaches cub to slide [VIDEO]

Remember, out-of-state folks….just because t

Pulled Black Bear Tacos

Just when you thought your tacos couldn’t ge

Bear euthanized near Red Lodge

Drought could harm berry crop and keep bears comin

Shot Placement Tips on Black Bears

For those getting after black bears this spring, h


  So, just how many Grizzly bears are in the

Black bear coming out of hibernation [VIDEO]

The bears may start coming out of hibernation with

Hiker calmly backs away from black bear [VIDEO]

A hiker back east was dubbed “Calm QueenR

Housecat scares bear [VIDEO]

We have seen videos of territorial dogs chasing be

How to get bears to leave your property [VIDEO]

Apparently, there is a pretty simple way to get a


Was the finding of the latest wolf survey in Yello

Man Gets Too Close to Black Bear Sow and Cubs [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, in Tennessee….  Apparently, Yell

Friendly Young Black Bear Euthanized

This is Oregon news, but it could happen anywhere&

10 Facts about Black Bears for the Bear Hunters

Black bears can have up to six cubs, but they typi

How to Skin a Black Bear for a Rug [VIDEO]

For those of you out there getting after black bea

Man Quacks at Charging Black Bear [VIDEO]

Not sure if this guy’s quacking is what help

Bear Post-Hibernation Resembles Some People in the Morning [VIDEO]

If you missed this, here’s a black bear waki

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