Black Bear

Shot Placement Tips on Black Bears

For those getting after black bears this spring, h


  So, just how many Grizzly bears are in the

Black bear coming out of hibernation [VIDEO]

The bears may start coming out of hibernation with

Hiker calmly backs away from black bear [VIDEO]

A hiker back east was dubbed “Calm QueenR

Housecat scares bear [VIDEO]

We have seen videos of territorial dogs chasing be

How to get bears to leave your property [VIDEO]

Apparently, there is a pretty simple way to get a


Was the finding of the latest wolf survey in Yello

Man Gets Too Close to Black Bear Sow and Cubs [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, in Tennessee….  Apparently, Yell

Friendly Young Black Bear Euthanized

This is Oregon news, but it could happen anywhere&

10 Facts about Black Bears for the Bear Hunters

Black bears can have up to six cubs, but they typi

How to Skin a Black Bear for a Rug [VIDEO]

For those of you out there getting after black bea

Man Quacks at Charging Black Bear [VIDEO]

Not sure if this guy’s quacking is what help

Bear Post-Hibernation Resembles Some People in the Morning [VIDEO]

If you missed this, here’s a black bear waki

Black bear season to close in bear management unit 700

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Bears den up on ski trail

Even though there have been a couple of bear sight

HUGE Hibernating Bear Killed by Combine

Here’s a story about a bear from 2012 that w

Make Your Own Black Bear Bacon from The Meat Eater

Turn your black bear into BACON!  Here is a recip

Black Bear Charges Bowhunter in Canada

Richard Wesley was bow hunting this spring in Onta

A Charging Bear Tale: Brett French Radio Show Preview

It was only after the black bear busted from the b

Archer Makes Incredible Timely Shot to Save Himself and Brother

Russel Ferster is a 24 year old man from Absarokee

Opening Weekend Bear Down!

Keyvin Weber, of Missoula, headed out hunting in a

Montana Black Bear Down!

Kevin Frazier, of Missoula, was out hunting last w

Black Bear Fights Off Pack of Wolves

An onlooker at Grand Teton National Park grabbed t

Momma Black Bear and Cubs Crossing the Highway

In Alaska, bear encounters are a part of everyday