Brett French

Brett French reports: A different Yellowstone for Costner

If you enjoy actor Kevin Costner’s work in the t

Brett French reports: The reason some wolves are black

One of the best places in the world to wolf watch

Brett French – Learning about wildlife migrations

A recent publication brings several wildlife migra

Brett French reports: A nomination for the toughest man in Montana

Adam “Horn” Miller was a prospector, army scou

Brett French reports: Corps decides to continue to drain Fort Peck

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced this we

Brett French reports: Yellowstone Park lively in fall

Bull elk bugling and bison bulls raking their horn

Brett French reports: Some tourists have no bear sense

An incident last month drives home the point that

Brett French reports: Floodwaters recede as warm weekend threatens

Residents of southwest and south-central Montana a

Brett French reports: Corner-locked land in Montana totals 871,000 acres

A recent review by Montana-based digital mapping c

Brett French reports: Bears, boulders and art

Just south of the community of Bridger in south-ce

Brett French reports: Wilderness rainbow removal project OK’d

A project to remove rainbow trout from more than 4

Brett French presents: Land donation could benefit hunters

A donation of land to the Shodair Children’s Hos

Brett French reports: Can predators help control the spread of CWD?

A recent study in Yellowstone National Park was un

Brett French reports: When the rescuer is rescued

When Dave Zinn dislocated his shoulder about eight

Brett French reports: Canyon Ferry in winter is a different world

I’ve spent a lot of time at Canyon Ferry over th

Brett French reports: BLM proposing repairs to Pompeys Pillar

Brett French reports the following: How far should

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