Ice Fishing

Georgetown Lake

2011 Stocking Plan

FWP Final Fishing Regulation Changes for 2012-2015 (effective 3/3/2012)

Species of Fish

Bullheads / Catfishes – Ictaluridae
Burbot – Gadidae
Drums – Sciaenidae
Gars – Lepisosteidae
Killfishes – Fundulidae
Livebearers (Mosquitofish / Mollies / Swordtails) -Poeciliidae
Minnows – Cyprinidae
Mooneyes – Hiodontidae
Mudminnows – Umbridae
Paddlefishes – Polyodontidae
Perches – Percidae
Pikes / Pickerels – Esocidae
Sculpins – Cottidae
Smelt – Osmeridae
Sticklebacks – Gasterosteidae
Sturgeons – Acipenseridae
Suckers – Catostomidae
Sunfishes – Centrarchidae
Temperate Basses – Moronidae
Trout – Salmonidae
Trout-perch – Percopsidae

Approved 2012 Ice Fishing Tournaments

Northwestern Montana, Region 1
Dec 31 Sunriser Lions Smith Lake Fish Derby on Smith LakeJan 14 The Perch Assault on Middle Thompson LakeJan 21-22 Fisher River Valley Winter Fishing Derby on Upper, Middle, Lower Thompson, Crystal and Loon Lake

Feb 1- 25 9th Annual Perch Pounder on all FWP Region 1 Waters

Feb 11 The Lodge at McGregor Lake Annual Fishing Derby on McGregor Lake

Feb 18 Snappy Sport Senter 12th Annual Lake Mary Ronan Derby on Lake Mary Ronan

Feb 18 Ryan Wagner Memorial Ice Fishing Derby on Murphy Lake

Feb 25 Canyon Kids Christmas Fund Fishing Derby on Lion Lake

March 3-4 3rd Annual Bitterroot Bash on Bitterroot Lake

March 3-4 The Perch Assault-Ultimate Assault 2 on Lake Mary Ronan

Southwestern Montana, Region 2
Jan 28-29 Pike on Ice on Seeley and Salmon Lake

South Central Montana, Region 3
Jan 21 Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby on Clark Canyon Reservoir

Feb 5 Hebgen Lake NAIFC Qualifier on Lake Hebgen

North Central Montana, Region 4
Jan 21-22 Central Montana Perch Derby on East Fork Reservoir

Jan 28 Western Bar Ice Fishing Derby on Willow Creek Reservoir

Jan 29 Utica Rod & Gun and Oxen Yoke Fishing Derby on Ackley Lake

Jan 28-29 Broadwater Lions Perch Derby on Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Feb 11 Valier Volunteer Fire Department Ice Fishing Derby on Lake Francis

Northeastern Montana, Region 6
Jan 7 5th Annual Clinton Phipps Memorial Ice on Fort Peck Reservoir

Jan 28 Murph’s 6th Annual Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament on Nelson Reservoir

Jan 28-29 1st Annual Fresno Ice Derby on Fresno Reservoir

Feb 5 Hell Creek Ice Fishing Tournament on Fort Peck Reservoir

Feb 18 16th Annual Ice Fishing Derby on Dredge Cut Trout Pond

Downloadable Ice Tourney List [2011-2012 Final Ice Fishing Derbies] (PDF icon and link 23 KB)

Online Fishing Reports

Holter Reservoir, Missouri River: Dale Gilbert,
Missoula area rivers: Kingfisher Fly Shop


Fishing Report Numbers

Bozeman area waters: Bob Wards, Bozeman, 406-586-4381

Bighorn Lake: Minnow Bucket, Huntley, 406-348-2440

Butte area waters: Bob Wards, Butte, 406-494-4452

Crooked Creek Fort Peck: Bobs Bait Shop in Winnett 406-429-2086

Central Montana Waters: Dons Sporting Goods Lewistown 800-879-8194

Dry Arm on Fort Peck Reservoir: Bill Rock Creek Marina 406-485-2560

Hamilton area waters: Bob Wards, Hamilton, 406-363-6204

Helena area waters: Bob Wards, Helena, 406-443-2138

Holter Reservoir, Missouri River: Canyon Store, Wolf Creek, 406-235-4111

Lake Frances: One Stop Conoco, Valier, 406-279-3600

Lake Frances, Tiber, Missouri River: Leonard Roberts 406-454-1877

Missoula area waters: Bob Wards, Missoula, 406-728-3220

Nelson Reservoir: Westside Sports, Malta, 406-654-1611

Northwest Montana Waters: Snappys Kalispell 406-257-7525

Noxon Reservoir: John-Lakeside Resort Trout Creek 406-827-4458

Tiber Reservoir: Dallas at the Chester High-Line Cleaners 406-759-5265

Tongue River Reservoir: Tongue River Marina, 406-757-2225

Woody Lures weekly fishing report for area waters near Townsend 406-266-3841

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