Hunting snow geese is great fun and a ton of work.


Wild birds are so much fun to hunt but can be a li


Trophies mean different things to different sports

Duck, duck…gone

Okay, this is why ducks are not urban birds, gener


No hunter wants to waste a critter. Hunting is har

Competitive Duck herding? Yes, it’s a thing.

Some people hunt ducks, and some people herd them&


We have all been to a park where Geese and Ducks a

Duck vs. Frog [VIDEO]

Ducks like frog legs, too.  At least, this duck d

Got Duck? Simple Hearty Three Duck Chili Recipe

How do you eat your duck?  Try this mouth-waterin


Hunting season means filled tags and harvests. Onc

Montana Duck Hunting…and Fishing [VIDEO]

Who says you need a dog to retrieve your ducks? 

Frozen in Time

The Saturday before New Year’s it was below

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Incredible On The Run Deer Flipping Shot! The Duck

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Decoys are expensive!  Field decoys, floaters, mo

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Learning how to call like a duck is important but

2017 Montana Waterfowl Opener Was a Success #gooseblindbroadcast

The annual 2017 Montana waterfowl opener was a suc

Yellowstone County DU Banquet August 19th

Tickets for the Yellowstone County Ducks Unlimited

Diving Ducks — How Much Do You Know? [VIDEO]

For those of you that have wondered what ducks do

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  As the cold winter weather wraps Montana in

Banded Duck Travels Over Seas and over 5000 Miles!

On opening day of duck season in California, Eric

People you don’t want to be stuck in a blind with!

  Most waterfowl hunters have a few other hun

Top Places to Hunt Waterfowl in Montana this Season

Montana is a large state with many hundreds of tho

17th Annual Montana Goose Blind Broadcast

Jaye and Linda Johnson hosted the 17th annual goos

Top Five Montana Hunting Destinations

Montana is a huge state with opportunities to hunt