animal encounter

Mountain Lion Vs. Domestic Dogs [VIDEO]

What would YOU do if you looked outside and saw yo

Bicyclist Has VERY Close Encounter with Moose!

You know when you’re out bicycling and you c

Catfish Eats Basketball…or at Least Tries to

Have you ever noticed debris floating in the water

A Bear Walks Into a Bar…Literally

Montana definitely has its share of black bears an

Woman Attacked, Dog Killed by Bear near Duck Lake

A woman was injured and one of her dogs that she w

Buck Stuck in Combine

In late September of 2012, a nice 5×5 buck s

Snake Gets a Bite While Fishing Near the Blackfoot River

(photo courtesy of Courtney Lowery)   Snakes are

If You Care, Leave that Young Animal There

(photo courtesy of   Montan

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