Bull Elk

Rutting bull elk attacks, kills cow elk

Joe Subolefsky is a professional wildlife photogra

Huge Elk Deadhead Unexpectedly Found

Some people are pretty darn lucky when it comes to

Guard rail elk fight [VIDEO]

Hey, sometimes, elk just need a buffer….

Bull Elk Sheds Antler on Film

Okay, we know there are videos out there of elk an

“Don’t mess with the bull, he can get real mean”

There really aren’t too many other ways to s

Bull elk fight

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Q: HOW did the elk cross the road? A: Just like this.

Wow.  What a beautiful giant!  It is just some c

Bull elk approaches horse, man throws shoe

Do you remember when we shared this video that was

Nice 6×6 bull elk not-so-graceful at the end

This Oregon bull was going to run as far as it cou

Beautiful Breaks Bull

Phil Dubia and Steve Giralt, from Stevensville, we

Montana True Six-Point Bull

Brad Schultz from Stevensville shot a true 6-point

Kamp Cook Scores Bull Elk

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show’s very own Ka

Billings Hunter Bags Big Bull

Glen Korf of Billings shot this nice bull last wee

High School Girl Bags massive Bull Elk

Avery Logan, a senior in high school, shot this bu

The Triton

Ken Young, from Billings, and his son went elk hun

Plentywood Hunter Bags a Nice Bull

Gary Rueb from Plentywood, with the help of Kelly

When things work out how you want them to hunting

There’s always a moment of adrenaline pumpin

Ben’s 2021 MT Archery Bull Elk

Archery hunting is not for everybody, but it is ab

A Fort Peck elk hunt to remember

We received a great summary of an elk hunt that Kr

17 Yards Right on the Money

Elliot Essling from Nashua bagged this great Monta

Interesting non-typical bull elk caught on camera

A few years ago, this beauty of a bull was caught

It’s about that time…

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When a bull elk heart shot leads to this…

A quick way to stop a bull and make your tracking