Did You Know…

There is a lot of interesting information in the 2

Fort Peck considered “flawed”

Fort Peck is a worldwide fishing destination, and

More Info Regarding CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease is a topic among FWP offic

The Classic Argument (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Last week we looked at some of the criteria of a g

Knowledge Nuggets for the 900 Series Antelope Hunters

900 series antelope hunting starts on Tuesday, Aug

How Much Do You Know About the Berkeley Pit?

With the recent reports of snow geese landing at B

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For the whitetail hunters out there, how much do y

Happy Hunting…..and Happy Labor Day!

While many people are out there hunting this holid

Attention Montana Drivers! Why Did the Fish Cross the Road?

Have you ever seen the carcass data from the Mont

Boat Stolen from Flathead Lake – Please Help!

PLEASE SHARE: Have you seen this boat? It was stol

Five Interesting Facts We Aren’t Lion About….

Mountain lion season is something that many Montan

Choosing Your Fishing Line…

Don’t overwhelm yourself with which type of

Montana Trappers Association Update for District 2 – December 2014

Are you a member of the Montana Trappers Associati

How Safe is the Ice?

It’s that time of year again!  Some ice ang

Fishing Facts – Part Two

Test your fishing knowledge with Part 2 of some r

Fishing Facts – Part One

There are several things you should know about fis

Glacier National Park: Bringing the Postcard Pictures to Life

Glacier National Park was established as a park o

Vehicle-Killed Wildlife Salvage Permit Information

The 2013 Legislature passed a bill that allows for