Hungry grizzly bear photo-bombs camera trap in award-winning photo

Here’s quite a photo from Montana photograph

Hunting and Fishing Photography Tips

For those of you looking for some good photo tips

American eel erupts from blue heron’s belly

Apparently, 2020 was a weird year for this blue he

Porcupine Walks on Two Legs

Have you ever seen a porcupine walking on two legs

Montana Bachelor Party

Dean Leiniger of Billings took this photo the firs

Perspective Success Photos

All true sportsmen respect the animals they harves

When 34 Yards Looks Like 5 Yards

Rich Gomberg and Steve Downs are both hunting guid

Birds Get Tired, Too!

Phoo Chan of Media Drum World captured some images

The Bobcat and The Fawn

The following pictures were posted by Sageline Out

Photoshopped or Not: The Weasel and the Woodpecker

Amateur photographer, Martin Le-May captured an un

Bozeman Angling Guide Lands Photography Gigs

Transitioning from a full-time fly fishing guide i

Reflections of Montana in 2014 via Pictures

What do you think of when you reminisce about 2014

Crappy Photos! (by Montana Grant)

Congratulations on tagging your latest trophy crit

Outdoor Photography that Makes You Do a Doubletake…

Sometimes, what we are looking at through our lens

Eastern Montana Scenery You May Not Have Known Exists

When people talk about Montana scenery, Glacier Na

A Big Bunch of Bull(s)

How about these pics?  Although some are convince

Photo Gallery of Severe Storm System in Eastern Montana 5.31.2014

Extreme weather passing through Eastern Montana ov

The World of Water

Okay, so there isn’t an ocean bordering Mont

Fabulous Photos and Monster Trout: MORS Weekly Wrap Up

It is time to come out of hibernation this week ar

Photography at Its Finest–Part 1: Best of the Best Fishing

There are some incredibly amazing pictures of wild

Weekly Wildflower Report; Buttercups Everywhere!

I love spotting my first buttercup in spring. It i

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