Snake found dead after tying itself in knot

Not all snakes think about the consequences of tyi

A snake!

Ah, to be young… be unaware of the world

When a praying mantis is hungry, it eats!

You may know that a praying mantis can eat a hummi

Snake exhibits unusual behavior and kills itself

Have you ever seen a snake do this? (560) Weird Sn

Snake vs. Deer [VIDEO]

Obviously, this is not in Montana, but if it were

Snake Tries to Eat Fawn [VIDEO]

Well, that is a sight.  Apparently, the fawn was

What a day for watercraft inspectors in eastern Montana!

We received a message from Liz Lodman with FWP tha

Idaho Teacher Investigated for Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle

According to a report on Fox13 in Salt Lake City,

Bird and Snake Cause Grass Fire

I am not even going to include an intro for this o

Thief Caught on Camera! [VIDEO]

If  you have noticed any type of food, specifical

A Youngster and a Snake

What would you do if you saw your youngster approa

Snake Devours Itself [VIDEO]

There is a reasonable explanation for a snake that

That Snake Really Shouldn’t Have Eaten That…

There are times when you eat something, and you th

Snake Gets a Bite While Fishing Near the Blackfoot River

(photo courtesy of Courtney Lowery)   Snakes are

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