dog vs bear

This little dog is not having bears on its turf!

We know those little dogs have a reputation for be

Wolverine spotted in Butte cemetery

We received an interesting video that somebody in

Mountain Lion caught on camera killing deer

When you live in mountain lion country, you just n

When wildlife collides with human life

Life can be brutal in general, and this California

Rutting bull elk attacks, kills cow elk

Joe Subolefsky is a professional wildlife photogra

Moose stalks man while checking his mail

On the topic of moose, I suppose looking for moose

Moose attacks sled dogs while on a private tour

Always be cautious around moose…regardless o

Bull Moose Attacks Truck that was Following It

Back in 2009, a diesel with a couple of guys was o

Monster Moose

Just a reminder of how big moose can get.  In Mon

Wolverine visits Lewistown

Lewistown is known for many things, and, apparentl

Relocating a Mountain Lion from Under a Porch

When you think you hear raccoons or cats under you

Insterstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC) Information

You may or may not know what the Interstate Wildli

Wyoming Antelope Crossing

MORS Director, Denny Bedard, received a video from

This was unexpected

This is cool footage.  Just when you think you fo

Be like a bear

Sometimes, when life gets to crazy, you need to ju

Never underestimate the persistence of a feline

This deer did something to upset this feline! &nbs

Man vs. Bear [VIDEO]

You have to sometimes fight for what is yours̷

Circus bears in the wild?

This is interesting.  Has anything similar to thi

Buck has no fear…it must drink Red Bull…

Well, some people are born adrenaline junkies with

FWP offering reward for information in case of two wasted deer

Carcasses were dumped at Blue Creek FAS BILLINGS

Montana Hunter Shares Damage Game Hunt Experience

Montana Hunter Joe Frank shared his game damage hu

Man is woken up by a mountain lion killing elk on porch

Wow…this is pretty crazy! Check out what hap