Yellowstone National Park wolf eating carcass

On the topic of wolves, here is some footage for y

Elk Herd in the Breaks [VIDEO]

How many of you drew a tag for a place you put in

Always expect the unexpected

Here is proof that you should always be cautious a

Making friends in Glacier National Park

If you ride a bicycle through Glacier National Par

Watch for wildlife! [VIDEO]

Holy moly…that was probably quite the surpri

Skier records bear chasing him down the mountain [VIDEO]

Did you hear about the bear that chased the skier

Duck vs. Frog [VIDEO]

Ducks like frog legs, too.  At least, this duck d

Brett French presents: Wildlife CSI

Wildlife crimes like poaching can be difficult to

Did You Know: Penguin Poop Bombs

Did you know that penguins are especially talented

mountain lion

Mountain lion attacks domestic cat

It’s a cat-eat-cat world out there…esp

Two Wolves and a Coyote in Action [VIDEO]

You just never know what you’ll come across


Wolverine caught on camera for first time at YNP

A post on the Yellowstone National Park Facebook p

Black bear coming out of hibernation [VIDEO]

The bears may start coming out of hibernation with

Wolf and deer show stamina in chase

In the video below, two guys recorded a wolf and a

Living buck walking around with missing backstrap [VIDEO]

Wow.  This is definitely something you don’

Squirrel Steals GoPro

Seeing a squirrel steal a GoPro isn’t as exc

Grizzly Bear Shows off Fishing Skills with GoPro [VIDEO]

Who knew that grizzly bears like to show off their

Wildlife populations and COVID transmission

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is asking tra

Bear Chases Elk in front of tourists in YNP

Some people go to Yellowstone National Park and do

Bobcat attacks coyote [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a bobcat attack a coyote?  Thi

Unexpected Tree Falling Moment [VIDEO]

Wow.  We totally weren’t expecting thisR

Three mountain lions show up on porch [Video]

Well, this would be a surprise to see…

Have you seen a buck do this before?

Here’s an interesting video of a buck that i

Big bull moose disappears underwater [VIDEO]

It is crazy how versatile moose are.  Can you ima

Bear scares man, man scares bear

Who wore the startled reaction better?