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Check out these mounts that are not just impressiv


The fish of a lifetime is in your net, boatside, o

Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry: Taxidermy at its finest

Wow. Just when I think I have already seen the mos

Do you prefer traditional taxidermy or would you hang this?

How is this for some cool taxidermy? William Caste


Montanans decorate their homes with fur, feathers,

2018 Montana Taxidermist’s Association State Show

When & Where: March 10th and 11th Red Lion Hot

Mounts Held Hostage on Railroad Tracks

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Geor

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There is a lot of really good and really bad taxid

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Did you bag a beast this hunting season? Are you l

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With the eve of General Rifle upon us, maybe this

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General season will be upon us in a few short days

Creative Taxidermy Furniture and More…

Are you a taxidermy buff?  Actually, if you appre

The Best of the Best to be at the 2015 Montana Taxidermist Convention

On March 19-22, make sure your weekend plans inclu

Inapproriate? or Awesome?

I, personally, am all about requesting that the ta

Bad Taxidermy Becoming Internet Sensation

The Internet provides us with a wealth of useful i

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Remember Bob Cole and his once-in-a-lifetime Bitte

Bobcat Vs. House Cats–Bobcat Wins (and I don’t Mean Football)

Do you have any mounts from your successful huntin

Raise Your Own Derestid Beetles for Skull Cleaning

Dermestid beetles clean many skulls for taxidermis

Reunited, and It Feels So Good!

Last year was a good year for the freezer, as I go

FWP to Hold Statewide Trophy Auction – August 10

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will host a troph

There is Nothing Typical about this Antelope Buck

Jeff Timmons, from Kalispell, did taxidermy work p

Hook Up Your Skull Mounts with a Skull Hooker

So, I have a European mount that seems to chip eve

Creative Taxidermy at Its…Most Interesting…

(above photo courtesy of   Looki

Have You Ever Caught Montana’s Rarest Fish?

A rare, nearly extinct breed, the Hicken’s F

Custom Skull Coating is the New Thing!

Do you have a European mount that needs something

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