By Montana Grant

Posted: March 4, 2021


Perhaps “harvesting” is a more politically correct word. It is now time to purchase this year’s hunting and fishing ticket! Montana is a free state in many ways but not when it comes to new licenses. It is true that you need the proper license and tags to kill, or harvest, wild game, and fish. You also need the fishing license to Catch and Release.

Some folks feel that this is a financial burden. These fees are a bargain. Even if you never head afield one day, you are helping to manage, purchase, and maintain our wild places. It is like giving to the Church of Wildlife! The funds are used to protect and preserve these special open spaces.

Your annual ticket to enjoy the outdoors does more than allow you to hunt and fish. The licenses also include funding for protecting out native species and preventing Aquatic Invasive Species. A Conservation license pays for the parks, access, and other public wants and needs.

It would be nice if every Montana Citizen purchased a basic license. Everyone benefits but not everyone contributes. Just look at the Black’s Ford Fishing Access on the Lower Madison River inn the Summer. Thousands of folks’ swim, float, and get relief from the heat on the Sportsmen’s Dime. Most people using the resources do not even buy a fishing license. Many of us donate funds to schools, events, churches, and… Why not donate to the outdoors?

Senior Citizens, veteran aged Sportsmen buy a license every year despite being unable to head afield. The Senior License is less expensive but certainly earned.

Go to the MTFWP website and contribute to this year’s outdoor adventure.

Montana Grant

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