By Montana Grant

Posted: March 5, 2023

Every Hunter or Fisherman has a Pleasure Room. This Man Cave always delivers. You can leave a mess and do as you choose. Background music or videos create an atmosphere. Plenty of light provides excellent visibility. You can tie one on or just reload.

Pleasure Rooms are your personal retreat. The organization and décor of your Pleasure Room will vary seasonally. During hunting season, ammo, camo, and weapons will be hung and displayed. The scent of Bucks in Rut will waft through the air. Tools, toys, gadgets, and gizmos offer pleasure to all that enter.

During fishing season, the workbench will become a lure, jig, or fly-tying event. Feathers, fluff, hooks, and stuff will become great flies, lures, teasers, or tackle. The smell of fish scent, head cement, or fishing rod varnish will add a welcoming aroma.

Usually, a wall of hooks and shelves will create a visual display of the accessories that the outdoorsman may need. Time is at a premium so locating materials quickly is important. An artist does not take as long to paint a mural as the Sportsman takes to organize their walls.

Everything has a place in the Pleasure Cave. Not everyone will feel welcome. The amount of stuff and visual shock disturbs some. If you don’t know what I mean, visit your Wife’s Craft Room.

Pleasure Rooms are not just for one gender. Women Sportsmen create their own rooms. The room may have some feminine touches, but the themes will stay the same.

Pleasure Rooms are where the foreplay for time spent afield or afloat begins. When the weather or seasons change, sportsmen can still enjoy planning and organizing for the next outings. High boots, tight underlayers, and garments of all types will be well hung.

Every serious hunter and fisherman, that I know, has a Pleasure Room. Lefty Kreh, the GOAT of fly fishing, had a magnificent fishing area set up in his basement. Watch a video of Ted Nugent and you will be able to get the fever. My room is painted orange, for safety. Pictures cover the walls and ceiling. Tubs contain the gear and toys needed for the game. All is labeled and organized.

When we head into our Pleasure Rooms, it’s a time for private things. Maybe we are tying the next secret trout fly or loading the next hot load for our deer rifle. Maybe we are just spending time fondling our rods, reels, and guns.

The excitement never ends!

Montana Grant

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