By Montana Grant

Posted: July 1, 2023

On July 1st, anyone using Montana State fishing access sites, State Lands, or Wildlife Management Areas will be required to pay for a state Conservation Stamp.

The Conservation stamp costs $8.00 for residents and $10.00 for non-residents. This means that if you are on these properties, you are required to have a license to do so.

Hunters and fishermen already get this license when they purchase their other access licenses. Folks that walk their dogs, horse ride, hike, tube, float, raft, or drift will be required to have their license in their possession, or a copy photographed on their cellphones.

Montana’s Fishing Access sites become overcrowded in the summer when folks float and drift to stay cool. Tens of thousands of people participate in this activity. The access sites vault toilets, parking, and facilities are overwhelmed and overused. Trash, vandalism, accidents, and damage are common. Busloads of people have taken advantage of these facilities that are paid for by Sportsmen, that can’t use these areas when crowded with tubers.

It’s about time! Sportsmen have been footing the bill for people to crowd boat ramps and facilities needed to support hunting and fishing, for FREE! The trash, beer cans and bottles, and abuse has become unmanageable.

Hunters on State Lands and Wildlife Management Areas are often disturbed by people biking, walking dogs, or hiking in their spaces. Fishermen are vulnerable to dogs swimming in their spots and interrupting their legal sport.

Participation in the Conservation Stamp program adds funds for repair, maintenance, and safety at these public places. All People from age 12 and up will be required to have a Conservation stamp to be in/on these properties.

You can purchase your Conservation Stamps online at the MTFWP website. Volunteers and wardens will be monitoring these sites.

Pay your fair share!

Montana Grant

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