MT Outdoor Podcast: Mack Days means a lot of money for some anglers!
By angelamontana

Posted: September 23, 2023

Do You Know That Some Folks That Fish the Mack Days Tournaments on Flathead Lake Can Make 20K, 30K or Maybe More?!

Listen to this Podcast to Learn How to Become One of Them!

Oh, the Montana Outdoor Podcast does not disappoint! This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, your host, Downrigger Dale talks to Mike Benson and Scott Bombard about Falls Mack Days going on now through November 12h on Flathead Lake. Mike and Scott shared an unbelievable amount of information with Rigger all about how to fish Fall Mack Days to get the maximum benefit. They covered it all from trolling to jigging to casting and even fly fishing for these Flathead Monsters! And they did not stop there! They even shared what types of line, lures, and baits to use. Why is this all important? Well, Scott and Mike have hauled a lot of money over the years fishing Mack Days! How much? You need to click here to listen and find out. Spoiler alert! When Rigger pressed Mike on how much he makes, let’s just say it added up to HALF OF HIS ANNUAL INCOME!! Yes, you heard me right, HALF OF HIS ANNUAL INCOME!! There is so much information on this podcast that will help you to catch LOTS of Lake Trout on Flathead Lake that you will likely start heading for Flathead Lake while you are listening to it. No, you don’t have to wait for the next Mack Days Tournament. The beauty of this tournament is you can fish the tournament when you want. You don’t have to sign up and start fishing the tournament on day one. Another thing you will learn from listening to the podcast is that you will realize that this tournament is a lot of fun.    

If you have questions for Scott or Mike after you listen to the Podcast, just click here to email Downrigger. Mike and Scott are out on the water fishing, but old Rigger knows how to get your questions to them right away. Scott also has a YouTube channel that you can go to by clicking here. There you can learn even more from Scott Bombard, just like tens of thousands of other people have! Also, click here to go to the Mack Days Website. There you can get lots more info about the tournament and about the other drawings and prize giveaways this, the most unique fishing tournament in world does. Lots of folks that fish the tournament like to camp at some of the State Campgrounds all around Flathead Lake. Fall is an awesome time of the year to camp there so click here to find a campground just right for you! We can’t wait for you to listen to this podcast and then see you up on Flathead Lake for the Fall Mack Days Tournament going on now through November 12th

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