Stocking Record Search

Did you know that if you were wondering where wall

Fish can do math? Study shows they can be trained to add, subtract

Wait a minute…is somebody really saying that

Checking out the Front while listening to Catchin the Big Ones

We can’t think of anything better for you to do

First-ever Alligator Gar Caught in Kansas, October 2021

Here is an interesting press release by the Kansas

Cool Catch and Release

Here’s a pretty cool story about a paddlefis

New State Record Pumpkin Seed Sunfish

It is official!  There is a new Montana state rec

An education at the aquarium

When you take your kids to the local aquarium for

Cheesy, Potato Fish Pie Recipe

Regardless of what kind of fish you have caught an

Fishing Memes!

Just because it is Wednesday, we wanted to share t

Sturgeon can get so big [video]

We have shared some videos and photos reminding pe

Recent data spell trouble for Koocanusa fish

If recent data from peamouth chub and other fish h

Man stuck in traffic goes fishing, catches fish

When traffic is at a standstill, rather than get r

Big Muskie Swims into Glider Boat Side [VIDEO]

You never can really predict what will happen whil

Upper Salmon River Weekly Steelhead Report 3.7.22

Steelhead angler effort along the upper Salmon Riv

Fish Pie Recipe

Does the idea of turning your fish into a cheesy p

EASIEST way to clean a yellow perch [VID]

Team Hippie Fish demonstrates the easiest way to s

Upper Salmon River Weekly Steelhead Report 2.22.22

IDFG personnel began interviewing steelhead angler

Minnesota Crew Catches Lakers on Fort Peck

Stu, Chris, Neil ,Luke and Lee traveled from Minne

Fort Peck Ice Fishing

Fred Stingley from Glasgow examines the nice eater

Fort Peck Hard Water Fishing – February 2022

Anglers from across the country flock to Fort Peck

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll Recipe

Just when you think you have tried everything with

Fish Fry Friday: Beer Battered Fish in the Air Fryer

It’s Fish Fry Friday, and you know what the

Statewide Montana Fishing Report Compilation 2.2.22

Please let us know if you would like to see your w