240-pound sturgeon caught in Detroit River likely a century old

A photo of a monster-sized prehistoric fish laid o

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Ten year-old Will Walker caught this 14-pound nort

Upper Salmon River Weekly Steelhead Report 4.26.21

Steelhead angler effort continued to decline on th

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Final Egg Collection Report from Fort Peck

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When people are surprised at how good carp tastes

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There is a cool interactive map on the Montana Fis

Gage Spring gets his FIRST Mack Days entry!

Gage Spring (5 years old) is pictured above with h

Central to Eastern MT Fishing Report 3.31.21

 Spring is here and that can bring unusual weath

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Youth Angler Shatters Texas State Record

This seventh-grader rocked it!  Cade Childress ca

state record

Potential state record caught and released by teen

While we’re on the topic of state record fis

Littering at Tiber

This is exactly what NOT to do when you head out i

Report tagged and Arctic Grayling angler catches online

Report your tagged catches to MTFWP.  The data yo

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girl harasses angler

Girl harasses anglers on pier for fishing [VIDEO]

We had no idea that fish were actually people.  A

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Scott Arnold, “The Painter”, who is heard on t

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Walleyes Sunday on Fort Peck

Craig Egeland from Park Grove fished with Brian Ol

Dog and bass play

Have you ever seen a dog and a bass play?  Well,