Whitefish bite

Whitefish Bite is HOT on north Flathead Lake

We got this from Matt from Mo Fisch on where they

Helena angler catches cooler full of whitefish on Flathead Lake

Dean McLean of Helena went fishing with the “

Whitefish update on Flathead Lake…it’s Coming!

This the latest Flathead Lake from the Whitefish

A Sign the Whitefish Bite might near at Flathead Lake

Matt McCombs from Mo Fisch Charters found a lot of

An Update on the Whitefish Bite at Flathead!

Here’s what Ross Tate has to say about the F

First Whitefish on Flathead Lake!

Joe Hertig and Mike Woods show their 1st whitefish

Whitefish Bite on Flathead Lake?

Has the whitefish bite started on Flathead Lake? T

Whitefish Bite is even Hotter on Flathead Lake!

The whitefish bite at Flathead Lake on Saturday mo

Slow Whitefish Bite on Monday at Flathead

Fishing was slower than normal for the Captain and

Whitefish Bite is Still at Flathead Lake!

Another full cooler of whiteys for Zach Davis at F

BEST OF Captain’s Column – 8.3.17

Back on August 15, 2013, the Captain reported that

The Captain’s Best Day on Flathead For Whitefish

Scott Willumsen, Ross Tate and Don Beardsley from

Whitefish Update on Flathead Lake 7.24.17

The Captain had the pleasure of fishing with the c

Downrigger Dale Catches TWO Fish at a Time!

Are the whitefish biting on Flathead Lake? If you

Wanna Catch Fish This Weekend? Head to Flathead Lake!

The big beautiful lake in  Northwest Montana is a

Flathead Lake Famous Whitefish Bite Might Be Starting

Many anglers will tell you that the whitefish bite

The Whitefish Bite is On!

Ross Tate, from Missoula, and a buddy fished for w

Whitefish Bite Continued for Montana Anglers!

Dan Helterline didn’t stop with just one day

Whitefish Fishing Report at Flathead Lake (7.25.16)

We got this report Monday from Sean Davis on the w

Flathead Lake Whitefish Update from Jim Vashro

Wondering what the whitefish bite is looking like?

Whitefish Bite Not Looking Good…

Former Region One Bioligist Jim Vashro, from Kalis

Are the Whitefish Going to Bite? – Captain’s Column (7.24.14)

There is one question on many anglers minds in Wes

Orange Grilled Whitefish Recipe–for Those Who Found the Bite!

Have you been fortunate enough to experience the e

Where are the Whitefish? – Captain’s Column

It may have taken a little longer than some angler

The Whitefish are Late – Report by Jim Vashro, FWP

Man, those lake whitefish are killing me! Last yea