When you unexpectedly capture cool footage

Have you ever been filming something, and, all of

A simple solution for returning a sled

Get ready to be amazed by a dad’s ingenuity!

Dog saves dad from snake….so dad can throw ball

Some dogs just won’t let anything get in the

Raising em right!

This is how it’s done! (Click the image belo

Update: Viral Videos of Man Harassing Bears Were not Filmed at YNP

Remember the guy who was shown harassing bears at

A cure for poison ivy?

Poison ivy and poison oak oils are no joke! Check

9 ways to make coffee at hunting camp

It’s hunting season!  Many Montanans have t

Thirsty Thursday: Water Bottle Test

If you find it difficult to choose a water bottle,

10 Most Dangerous Bugs in the World

From mosquitos to bot flies…there are some d

Purging Crayfish before Cooking [VIDEO]

How do you purge crayfish before cooking them? Her

Person in sky with jetpack passes commercial planes…

So…….this happened.  Would you use a

The Great Otter Escape [VIDEO]

Sometimes, an otter has to do what an otter has to

Another person swims in Bass Pro Shop Aquarium.. [VIDEO]

So, apparently, people just can’t stay out o

Got Fireworks? How about a world record firework? [VIDEO]

Please check regulations and fire danger levels be

Hornet vs. Mouse [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a hornet and a mouse fight?  I

Squirrels burgle, too! [VIDEO]

Those darn squirrels will get ya… This was i

Caution: Some Horses Like Chicken Nuggets.. [VIDEO]

This is the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, and some o

Lightning Strikes on Water Compilation [VIDEO]

If there’s lightning, get off the water!  B

The Power of Water: Dam Wash Out Caught on Video [VIDEO]

Montana is full of dams.  It is scary to think of

How NOT to get a tree down… [VIDEO]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, betw

Cool Cutthroat Spawning Action [VIDEO]

Here’s some pretty cool footage of spawning

An Unexpected Surprise [VIDEO]

Okay, so this doesn’t have anything to do wi

Tips for Slaying Summertime Walleyes [VIDEO]

Looking to catch more walleye this summer? Whether

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