Grouse Recipes


Creative ways to use up pheasants, turkey, Geese,

Baked Coconut Grouse Strips Recipe

So, our last post showed an easy way to clean a gr


The current quarantine has led many of us to dig i


Bacon makes everything taste good. Grilling an old

Grouse–the New Red Meat?

A friend of mine, Brad Lehuta, was on a mission to

Maple Bourbon Sauce Recipe for Wild Bird

Here is a sauce I came across on t

Grouse in Sour Cream Recipe

Have you gotten, or are you planning on getting, s

Savory Fried Grouse

What you need: The breasts from 2 grouse 4 cups co

Grouse With Brown And Wild Rice

What you need. The breasts from two grouse –

Grouse Gumbo

What you need. Two grouse breasts – cleaned

Grouse In Spicy Sauce

What you need. Two grouse – boned and cut in

Ruffed Grouse Casserole

What you need. Two grouse – skinned and bone

Stuffed Grouse Breasts With Fruit Glaze

What you need. Two grouse breasts-cleaned and skin

Lemon Grouse Soup

What you need. Two grouse (blue grouse or ruffed)-

Mandarin Grouse

What you need. Two grouse or pheasant breasts (cut

Peppered Grouse In Red Sauce

What you need:   Two grouse breasts One 15-ou