Bass Fishing


Billings has become the most recent Pig City! Lake

Dog and bass play

Have you ever seen a dog and a bass play?  Well,


The Shields River has become infested with Smallmo

Brady Hanson Talks Youth Fishing Scholarship

Did you know you can go to college on a fishing sc

Mike Dominick Should Have New Montana State Record Smallmouth Bass

In late September Mike Dominick hooked and landed

How To Fish Plastic Tubes [VID]

Do you know how to use a tube jig to mimic the dar

Feeding Bass..and Naming Them… [VIDEO]

Have you fed bass before rather than fishing for t

Young Angler Nearly Catches State Record

Tis the season for finding some good fishing. A yo

Ninepipes Big Mouth Bass Success!

Tracy Powers, from Missoula, was fishing at Ninepi

Flathead Fishing Report from the Macman 9.6.2016

September 6, 2016 Fishermen: In my last report I p

Frogging for Bass [VIDEO]

Ninepipes….if you like bass fishing in Monta

Reports of a Record Smallmouth on Flathead

Details are still emerging. An angler caught a new

Glutinous Bass Succumbs to It’s Eating Habits

California Angler, Kayla Nevius, was fishing with

5 Ways to Catch a Walleye in the Summer Heat

Sometimes summer fishing can be hard when the temp

Man Catches First Fish With A Drone!

There are new lures, tricks and gadgets being inve

The Bass Federation 2015 NW Divisional Fishing Tournament

Our friends at Lakeside Motel and Resort shared th

Big Meal for a Not-So-Big Bass!

What is the craziest thing you have ever found in

The BEST Way to Fillet White Bass

So, you caught some white bass, and you want filet

Flathead River Fishing Success!

Tracy Powers and Brandt Hamernick, from Missoula,

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Hook!

How many fish can you catch with one bait…an

Sewer Bass Fishing [VIDEO]

Growing up, I was convinced that if i set a line i

Researching Bass with Denny Bedard

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show Director Denny Beda

Hammer Is Rattlin the Bass!

Brandt Hamernick had some good luck smallmouth bas

Bass Fishing the Flathead River: Captain’s Column (7.31.14)

I was looking forward to a day trip on the lower F

Three Year-Old Angler Reels in Her First Largemouth Bass

Three year-old Adelyn Tiffin was out fishing with