Kids Fishing Reactions Compilation [VIDEO]

It’s always awesome to see people taking you

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Most people think of Barracudas as vicious creatur

Ultimate Boat Bloopers Compilation 2013 [VIDEO]

It is the time of year when we spend a lot of time

Bear Hunter has a “Beary” Close Encounter [VIDEO]

I have always attempted to fill up my change jar,

Pheasant Terrorizes British Family

Talk about a “fowl temper,” a pheasant

See Kayakers Paddle Near an Erupting Volcano [VIDEO]

Kayakers are known for doing some extreme stunts,

Flathead Lake Monster Featured On Destination America

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Aliens or Freak of Nature? Perfect Circles Found in Pond

We have all heard of crop circles, but have you he

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Punxsutawny Phil Threatened With Death Penalty

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Fly Fishing for BIG Trout in Montana

Fly fishing in Montana can hook you up with some

West Yellowstone Snowmobile Expo

As snowmobile season is winding down in Western Mo

Lost and Found – Three Black Bear Cubs Found In A Cardboard Box

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Monster Gold Fish Invade Lake Tahoe

It sounds like a movie you might see at 3am on the

“The Greatest” Gangsta Perch Video

It’s time for the 8th video in the “Ga

Turkey Has No Fear of Man with Gun

My guess is that it wasn’t turkey season whe

Skier Defys Death In Style – Avalanche Escape [VIDEO]

Thanks to the invention of the helicopter, heli sk

“Montana Traditions” Makes A Name In Montana

Have you heard of Montana Traditions? Rex Wolferma

Go Pro – Snowmobile Wreck [VIDEO]

The invention of the new high definition camera ca

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