Proving Your Point…

People will do a lot of things to prove their poin

Hiker Discovers Dog Treats Embedded with Fish Hooks

In out-of-state news… According to a recent

Louisiana Dolphin Shot to Death

In out-of-state news… According to a press r

Watch for elephants…in Butte

If you thought you were seeing things in Butte tod

Arctic Grayling found in Warm Springs Creek near Anaconda

If you catch Arctic graylings in Warm Springs Cree

Billboard at Entrance to YNP Displays Grizzly Bear Management Support

If you happen to be in the area, check out the bil

Reckless Hikers Plead Guilty to Charges Endangering Rescue Teams

Okay, so this isn’t a Montana story, but it

Woman rescued from national park in WA retrieving phone after fall

Not all rescue missions are from sportsmen and wom

Sandy Hook families settle for $73M with gun maker Remington

Did you hear that the gun manufacturer Remington,

blackbirds mysteriously fall from sky

Hundreds of blackbirds suddenly fall from sky–many die

Well, this is a crazy thing that happened to a bun

21 People Spend Night Suspended at 10,000 Feet on New year’s

Yikes!  As somebody who is nervous with heights (

Man kills giant opossum trying to raid his chicken coop

A recent article on the Field and Stream website r

Missoula Man Led through Blizzard to Campsite by Owl

Here’s an interesting story about a Missoula

Person recovered from submerged vehicle in Clark Fork River

MISSOULA — One person was recovered from a subm

Montana wildfire update for December 01, 2021 by MTPR

Jess Shaldahl, Kay Erickson and Edward O’Bri

Brett French reports: 82% of Upper Missouri Basin dry or in drought

Despite some rain and snow in October, about 82% o

1 man dead, another missing in Yellowstone National Park

MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, Wyo. – One man has been

Grizzly Bear Gored to Death by Mountain Goat Discovered by Hiker

A hiker in Canada’s Yoho National Park, Brit

Purple Paint Law

Did you know there is a purple paint law?  If you

Would you rather have a wildfire or sandstorm?

We have it pretty bad here in Montana with the wil

Rancher pinned under ATV for two days survived on water, beer

A Wyoming rancher was pinned under an ATV for two

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