You could have just one shotgun what would it be?

Turning Money Into Noise (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Memorial weekend is just one week away and I’m s

Syren Song (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In the Odyssey, Homer wrote of Greek mythological


 Practice for your perfect shot. Understand all t


Shotgun shooting is a year around sport. Practicin

Shotgun Patterning – Part 2 (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Before continuing with this column, I suggest you

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Jumping on the gun-talk bandwagon…in a posit

Kim Rhode Medals in Six Consecutive Olympics – Shooting

Kim Rhode, the FIRST WOMAN and first Summer Olympi

Glitter Bombs Are Destructive!

Glitter is many a person’s worst enemy…

Hamilton Trap Club Announces Spring Leagues

Spring Leagues at HTC will begin Wednesday April 6

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Check how these Canadians put two of their favori

Miniature Shotgun Fires Real Shot [VIDEO]

No matter where you go, it always feels good to be

Video of Shooting Fails

With Rifle Season among us, we all need to careful


From Two Wheels to Two Barrels (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In 1967, the Benelli™ motorcycle company began m


A New Syren Song (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In the Odyssey, Homer wrote of Greek mythological

Hear What a Silencer on a Shotgun Sounds Like [VIDEO]

As we are sure hunting with a silencer is illegal,

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 Last week we looked at the various types of rifl

Get Ready For the Big Game!

The wonderful time of autumn is nearly upon us and

Saying Goodbye to One of Montana’s Great Shooters and Sportsmen

I have very sad news to report; Montana has lost o

Broadwater Rod and Gun Club – a Jewel in Central Montana

Nestled between the Elkhorn Mountains to the West

Technology and the Ethical Dilemma

I am not one to reject new technology, in fact I o

A Few Favorite Firearms from Colonel Smoothbore

As we go through life, most all of us remember tim

New Wheel Guns from S&W

On numerous occasions I have expressed my love for