Lightning strike results in US Coast Guard rescue

It started out as a fun time on the ocean particip

Woman Struck Boyfriend with Kitchen Pot for Fishing Too Much…

If you’re wondering what is going on in fish

Flesh-eating bacteria on FL angler originates with fishing hook prick

Most anglers have been pricked by a fishing hook a

Invasive Species vs. Native Species (Florida)

If you ever wondered which animal would win a stru

How Anti-Hunting Groups Are Using Legislation

Well organized anti-hunting groups are using a 

Florida Bear Hunters To The Rescue Killing 295 Bears in Two Days

Sound Management: Florida’s Successful Bear Seas

HSUS Pleads, Lies to Florida Gov. to Stop Bear Hunt

A surprise to nobody, the Humane Society of the Un

Black Bear Takes Break in Hammock

Living in Montana we are used to the occasional u

Robo-Deer Used to Outsmart Illegal Hunters!

It seems like every other week, or day, there is a

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