Orphaned grizzly cubs going to Bearizona Wildlife Park

Working jointly, staff from Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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New AIS rules for nonresident boaters and anglers

Nonresident boaters and anglers will see new aquatic invasive species rules when they visit Montana

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montana hunting

Nonresident hunters have until July 7 to sign up for Alternate’s List

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks gets a number of unused nonresident combination licenses (big gam

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What a day for watercraft inspectors in eastern Montana!

We received a message from Liz Lodman with FWP that shows being an AIS inspector means you have to p

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Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report 5.26.20

Canyon Ferry:  Good rainbow action can be found on the north end from both shore and boat.  Shore

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Would you consider this anti-fishing harassment? [VIDEO]

There are different types of harassment, and this is one you don’t see too often.  It is diff

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Fort Peck Fishing with the Captain

The Captain went fishing with Brian Olson from Fort Peck and Dan Majeske from Park Grove. Jigs were

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FWP seeks public’s help identifying CWD-symptomatic animals

Bozeman, MT — A follow-up test has confirmed a positive case of chronic wasting disease in a whit

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Never Miss MORS again!

Here we are!  Do not worry if you missed The Montana Outdoor Radio Show this past Saturday –

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Bobcat LONG Jump! [VIDEO]

If bobcats (the actual animals) had a track team, there would be some interesting long jump measurem

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Got Fireworks? How about a world record firework? [VIDEO]

Please check regulations and fire danger levels before lighting fireworks.  For the fireworks lover


A Memorial Day Poem by Frederick W. Emerson

Memorial Day by Frederick W. Emerson Our Nation is reverently thinking today Of the loved ones sleep

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When you talk to a farmer, water is for fighting for! Water rights are always a big deal and have be


Pips are an easy way to grow vegetables. Most folks throw away the carrot tops, lettuce and cabbage

“Fun and Sober Remembrance” with Colonel Smoothbore

Here’s a throwback from 2018 with Colonel Smoothbore on Memorial Day weekend… Memorial w

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FWP searching for info in poaching of bull elk

"Bull elk found shot, left to waste in southern Blaine Co."***Note: We appreciate folks re


Recently a new case of CWD was found in a white-tailed deer in Gallatin County. Every deer hunter ne


Rowing is an art! Drift boats and row boats require practice and skill to navigate. A great Oarsman