Funny Hunting


Social Distancing has now led to Socially Appropri


Sportsmen love to share their harvests. If you are

TAG SOUP – A Perfect Christmas Gift for the Unfortunate Hunter

The 2019 hunting season is behind us. The holidays

First Gentleman Of South Dakota Gives Hilarious Hunter Safety Demo

What do you call the husband of the Governor? The


  Sportsmen often get sick! The fishing fever, bu


Each year, hunting gets harder. Age, aches, pains,


The #1 thing we have all stepped in is #2! Admit i

Frozen in Time

The Saturday before New Year’s it was below

How to Cook Your Hunting Tags

This year’s hunting season was not as great as p

Californians Outraged Over Trump Sons Killing Endangered Triceratops

You may have seen this around the world wide web,

It’s Valentines Day! Eight Critters To Go Hunting For!

For this Valentines day we would like to help gene

My Montana Rifle Season is Crowded With People

So far this season, I have seen more trucks than a

How to Remove a Raccoon Stuck in Engine [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, all I could think about was whe

Hunting Stereotypes – Which One Are You Guilty Of? [VIDEO]

In all my years hunting in Montana, I have run int

“Baby Got Rack” Hunting Cover of Sir Mix A Lot [VIDEO]

I hope I am not the only one who does this, but I

SLAM BAM – [Humor Story]

“What is that thing you’ve got there Hoppy”?

Vegan Slaughterhouse – Humor

So horrific to see these abusive painful measures

Hunting Happiness

Spending time afield just trying to bag a trophy o

Bowhunter Combines Love of Hunting and Christmas

Merry Christmas!  A bowhunter in Ohio went all ou

Confused Deer Recaps Hunting Experience

Do you ever look at your deer mounts and think bac

Deer 1. Hunter 0.

What do you think this bowhunter was focused on wh

Bad Taxidermy Becoming Internet Sensation

The Internet provides us with a wealth of useful i

Bigfoot Was Trapped and Killed in Texas–DNA Tests Reportedly Done

According to a recent post on, Ric