Doe Tagged for this Montana Mom!

Kerilyn Brooks, of St. Regis, has had quite a time

Buck tries to mount doe on meat rack

Be careful where you hang your meat during the rut

Have you seen a buck do this before?

Here’s an interesting video of a buck that i

14 year-old tags doe and buck within 24 hours!

Lily Wilson, from Bonner, isn’t an average k

Father-Daughter Hunting Success!

Congratulations to Will Brroks and Bexley Brooks!

FWP seeks info on several deer dumped near Miles City

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is looking into

Meat in the Freezer–Doe Style!

Jason Beaudoin of Mineral County found success on

First Deer Harvested by 11 Year-old Results in Permagrin!

We know this is the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, bu

Mule Deer and Elk Poached – Rewards Offered for Information

Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are looking

It’s Not Always Easy Watching “Nature Take Its Course”

As a sportsman, it can sometimes be difficult to

Deer Has Heart Attack After Being Caught Burglarizing Home

According to an article on, a doe decide

It’s Called DUCT Tape, Not BUCK Tape!

With Montana being a hunting hot spot destination

Deer Headbutts Jeep: Angela Montana’s World

So, here I was last night, driving home through th

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