Gun control


We all know the history of a “Shot of Whiskey”


This is not what you want to say. Shooting is grea


Running into a Grizzly Bear is just dangerous. The

Really?? (with Colonel Smoothbore)

As we move closer to the first Presidential Caucus


 Practice for your perfect shot. Understand all t

Gun Safety for Concealed Weapons Course in Missoula this Saturday

Nate Martin and Scott Giesick are NRA-certified in

Gun Safety Course Offered in Missoula, May 7th

Montana Shooting Sports Association is offering a

Illinois Senator Aims Taxation and Insurance Fees at Gun Owners

Backdoor strategies by liberal gun haters are bein

Should Montana’s Universities Allow Students to Carry Guns on Campus?

This week, the University of Texas President appro

Ballot Proposal Would Allow Teacher to Carry Guns While at School

The attached article describes a ballot proposal b


The Blame Game (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Well, it’s a new year and with it time for my an

Concealed Carry Class-With Colonel Smoothbore

Last week we looked at how the NRA’s three basic

Owning a Firearm for Self Defense is a Right, But is it Right for You?

A couple of weeks ago I offered some advice on how

Colonel Smoothbore: Second Thoughts, Constitutional Guarantees

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to th

Bar Sign Calls Concealed Weapon Owners Losers and Douchebags


A Peek at Gun Advice for 2014 with Colonel Smoothbore

This time between Christmas and New Year’s Day h

14 Year-Old Faced Possible Incarceration Over 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

The date was April 18, 2013 when 14 year-old Jared

Seven Ways To Do Vegas Montana Style

I have been in Las Vegas for the past week, and se

Outdoor Aly Goes Trap Shooting–This Girl Just Wants To Have a Gun!

I was born and raised in Montana and before last w

5 Things That are Harder to Buy Than a Gun

There has been a lot of talk of strict gun control

Joe Biden Says Shotguns are Easier to Shoot than AR-15s

Joe Biden recently told women to go “buy a s

Ted Nugent Writes Open Letter to Joe Biden on Gun Control

Ted Nugent, long-time celebrity rock star and famo

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