Great pictures require a little thought, planning,

Hunting and Fishing Photography Tips

For those of you looking for some good photo tips


Before I say one more thing, let me congratulate t


ROD HOLDER is the new style! Anglers love having t

Great Northwest Log Haul (circa 1988)

Here’s a blast from the past posted by Lisa

Perspective Success Photos

All true sportsmen respect the animals they harves

When 34 Yards Looks Like 5 Yards

Rich Gomberg and Steve Downs are both hunting guid

The Captain’s Live Broadcast from the Big Hole [PHOTOS]

The Captain spent his Saturday near the scenic Big

Crappy Photos! (by Montana Grant)

Congratulations on tagging your latest trophy crit

Missoula Angler Lands Impressive Brown

Missoula angler, Jordan Thompson, took a little ro

Aerial View of Clark Fork Boeing Train Wreck

Floaters and fishermen have had a spectacular view

Captain & Crew’s Big “Exposé” at Paradise Falls

I had the pleasure of joining the Captain &

Black Bear Takes Break in Hammock

Living in Montana we are used to the occasional u

Photo Gallery of Severe Storm System in Eastern Montana 5.31.2014

Extreme weather passing through Eastern Montana ov

Close Call on the Bitterroot River

“I need a drink,” I said to my husband

The World of Water

Okay, so there isn’t an ocean bordering Mont

Redneck Prom Attire – Camo at its Finest?

Camouflage isn’t just for hunting season any

International Wildlife Film Festival This Week in Missoula

The 37th annual International Wildlife Film Festiv

Trail Camera Captures UFO & Deer in Mississippi Woods

It sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, bu

Bad Taxidermy Becoming Internet Sensation

The Internet provides us with a wealth of useful i

Photographer Jason Savage Shares his Outdoor Images of Montana

Montana draws in thousands of tourist each year se

Nevada Fisherman Reels in Camera, and Memory Card with 5 Years of Photos

There are a lot of tall tales out there when it co

Photographer Arron Booth Shares Images of Southwest Montana

Arron Booth has been capturing fantastic images of

Possible Perch Pounder Winner

Today is the wrap up of the 2014 Perch Pounder. Th

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