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Sagebrush is a common and abundant Montana Residen


Montanans are showing their True Colors when it co


“Not In My Back Yard” is the way some slobs lo


Hallelujah, there could be a new non-dairy alterna


The center console of a sportsmen’s truck, jeep,


Pruning shears are a great tool to carry afield. C


Ecosystems are limited in size. There is only so m

“I DO!!!”

Where did you ask your special someone to marry yo

Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame announces 2016 inductions

Today the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Wester

BLM Pulls Durfee Hills from Proposed Land Exchange

Officials with the Bureau of Land Management decid

Trail Camera Captures UFO & Deer in Mississippi Woods

It sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, bu

Sick of the Cold? Check Out This Mask Designed by a Montana Hunter!

The facemask is known as the ColdAvenger, and has

Robo-Deer Used to Outsmart Illegal Hunters!

It seems like every other week, or day, there is a

Montana Hotsprings – Don’t miss out on the prime time soaking!

Well folks, it’s about spring skiing weather

Man Found Dead in Beehive Basin – Montana Outdoor News Update

This last Sunday my friends decided to go backcoun

Drunk Elk Gets Stuck In Tree

Humans are not the only critters on earth that lik

A Guide To Guides: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Alaskan fishing guides have to do more than just b

Exploring the Big Snowy Mountains: Brett French Radio Show Preview

The Big Snowy Mountains in central Montana may be

Bob Ward and Sons Celebrates 95th Anniversary

Bob Ward & Sons, Montana’s oldest and larges

2012 Helena Outdoor Fest is Coming Soon!

The Helena 2012 Outdoor Fest kicks off on June 9th

Be Careful This Weekend Camping – Bear Attacks Guy On Comode

Be careful out in the wild this season. Especially

News Off The Trail With Dead Eye Denny – A Horse Called Midnight

Denny talks about an interesting story about a ver

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