Bit O’ History: MT’s First Jail

Recently we explored a few Notable Montana Films,

Our Lady of the Rockies History

When you drive through Butte and see Our Lady of t

Some history on smokejumpers…wildfire heroes

The history of smokejumpers goes way back. Take a

An interesting historical trap patent

Did you know that an “animal trap” in

Weeding out the bad stuff on Dandelions

Dandelions aren’t so bad.  Apparently, they

A Knowledge Nugget of Montana History

Glacier National Park on Facebook recently posted

Montana Historical Photo of the Day: Elk Park

It’s always cool to see old school pictures

Lewis & Clark Depart St. Louis on this day 214 Years Ago

Here’s a knowledge nugget–on May 14, 1

Armstead, Montana in the 60s [VIDEO]

Here is a trip down memory lane for some. Armstead

Celebrating the Artistry of Historic Firearms (by Brett French)

There is a small group of mostly Montana craftsman

Montana History: The Beginning of Bigfork

Learning about the history of Montana is awesome t

Replicating History (with Colonel Smoothbore) 9.15.16

Firearms development in the 20th Century occurred


Patriot Thoughts (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Having celebrated Patriots Day this past week, I t


Own a Bit of History (with Colonel Smoothbore)

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) origin

History in Billings’ Backyard: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Just downstream from Billings’ popular Riverfr

Bike the Historic Route of Hiawatha

Located just off I-90 on the Idaho Montana border,

Ancient Hunting Camp Discovered Underwater in Great Lakes

“Deep below the surface of Lake Huron, scuba

Sheep + Treadmill = Power

Can you imagine going to charge your laptop and he

Inspirations From the Past – A look at a Classic American Revolver

Every once in a while I struggle a bit finding ins

On This Day in History…. March 26, 1832

“The mighty American Fur Company adopts the

American Genius – A Look at Semi-auto Pistols with Colonel Smoothbore

Last week we looked at early European semi-auto pi

Hunting Elk on Skis…With a Lasso!

If it sounds crazy, that is because it is. But, it

Early European Semi-auto Pistols

The first semi-auto handguns had their beginnings

Photographer Arron Booth Shares Images of Southwest Montana

Arron Booth has been capturing fantastic images of

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